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Eternal Lies – The Album

Eternal Lies, the forthcoming mammoth campaign for Trail of Cthulhu will have a sound track album designed for use in actual play, created by James Semple and a team of other musicians. James Semple, has produced music for GUMSHOE including four tracks for Esoterrorists (Dissonance) and four track for Trail of Cthulhu (Four Shadows ) […]

GUMSHOE in Portuguese

RetroPunk Publicações Ltda, a brand new Brazilian RPG outfit will be producing GUMSHOE system games in Portuguese. The owners are keen GUMSHOE players. They’ll be starting with Trail of  Cthulhu, have the option to produce other GUMSHOE system games and will even be publishing original material. We now have licensees in French, Italian, Spanish and […]

Play GUMSHOE remotely using Fantasy Grounds

Pelgrane Press Ltd, the roleplaying game publisher, and Smite Works, the virtual tabletop developer, announced today that the Trail of Cthulhu roleplaying game ruleset will be released for use the Fantasy Grounds virtual online gaming table. Said Doug Davison, president of SmiteWorks “We are very fortunate for the opportunity to work with Pelgrane Press.  It […]

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