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New Art for Ashen Stars

Chris Huth has been working on Ashen Stars art which matches with Jérome’s. First, some shuttles. Our playtesters seemed to have a thing about shuttles, so Robin obliged them by putting in some streamlined shuttle rules and three shuttle configurations, illustrated here. This is a rough. Chris also illustrated the Jaggar…

Review of Not So Quiet

An On the Shelf Review of the new WW1 Trail of Cthulhu adventure, Not So Quiet by Adam Gauntlett. The scenario itself has an impressive cast, a cult with well-thought-out motivations, a logical choice of Mythos antagonist, and enough non-Mythos activity to keep players guessing… Not So Quiet is another solid addition to the Trail […]

The Cover Collection – Posters for Trail of Cthulhu

We know that Jérome Huguenin’s atmospheric, ENnie-award-nominated art for Trail of Cthulhu is very popular, and so we’ve released three A2-sized (16.5 x 23.4 in), high-resolution gloss posters printed on 200gsm paper. The front covers of Trail of Cthulhu, Rough Magicks and Arkham Detective Tales were chosen for this privilege. Half of the profit goes […]

New GUMSHOE Licensee Announced

Three Fourteen Games will be producing adventure materials and supplements in both English and Spanish for Fear Itself and Esoterrorists. Their first release will be called The Last Guest (detailed below). The Last Guest He got some painful souvenirs from his time in the war in Iraq. He was too close when a grenade exploded. […]

Ripped From the Headlines: A Very Esoterror Christmas

When the so-called holy thorn tree of Glastonbury is destroyed by vandals, the hallmarks of an Esoterror operation are apparent to the greenest of Ordo Veritatis analysts. In its apparent senselessness, the small event causes widespread public distress, both in the devout and in respecters of tradition. Heightening the cognitive anxieties generated by the story […]

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