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Portuguese Trail of Cthulhu

RetroPunk’s licensed version of Trail of Cthulhu is available on pre-release with “surprise gifts” for the early birds, or at least they promise me that’s what this says: A RetroPunk é uma editora pequena, essa é uma verdade do Mythos revelada desde o princípio, e por ser pequena, ela depende da ajuda de vocês para […]

Retail customers get PDFs through the Bits and Mortar initiative

At GenCon 2010 for the first time, we supplied PDFs to all of our convention customers. It was a very popular move. Similarly, through the Retailer PDF program, retail customers of bricks and mortar stores can supply our ebooks to their customers with the print version where we do. Other publishers do this, too, and […]

Eternal Lies Design Notes #1

Reposted from Game Playwright: by Jeff Tidball Eternal Lies is a beast of a campaign, and although it was announced a while ago, don’t let the relative radio-silence fool you. Will and I have been hard at work conceiving, breaking down, and then writing the locales and make up the greater campaign. If you follow […]

Review of The Black Drop

A review of The Black Drop on yog-sothoth. “Taken as a whole, The Black Drop is a fantastic scenario and one of the strongest scenarios which, in turn, makes it one of the strongest Cthulhoid RPG scenarios published in recent times whether you play Trail of Cthulhu or BRP Call of Cthulhu.”

Inmates Trail Of Cthulhu Campaign Frame at Flames Rising

The Big Green Existential Menace has been good to me lately, so when the squamous hordes at the Flames Rising horror webzine sought me out for a contribution to their ongoing Cthulhu week, I could hardly decline. Pop on over for “Inmates”, a Trail of Cthulhu campaign frame that starts where the careers of many […]

First preview of the Eternal Lies Suite

Ok I promised that I would give out a preview of the Eternal Lies Suite. Here is a piece from early in the game. It’s an ambient piece designed to be played as a loop during a specific scene and it introduces an important theme that will be heard throughout the suite. Melancholy ambient theme […]

Ripped From the Headlines: Glitter Rat

Learning that the implements used in Elvis Presley’s autopsy are up for public auction, the Ordo Veritatis dispatches a team to monitor the sale. Celebrity autopsy equipment has a habit of going missing, often in conjunction with a subsequent rash of inexplicable deaths. A roving Esoterror cell seeks the implements but would rather steal them […]

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