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Fear Itself: Core Rulebook

This edition of Fear Itself has been supplanted by the new 2nd Edition The Roleplaying Game of Personal Horror Fear Itself plunges ordinary people into a disturbing contemporary world of madness and violence — and inexorably draws them  into confrontation with creatures of the Outer Black, a realm of alien menace. GMs can re-create all the shudders […]

Your enemies

Fear Itself includes fearsome new opponents for your PCs. More creatures and two great Fear Itself adventures can be found in the Ennie-award nominated GUMSHOE Book of Unremitting Horror. Mystery Man Mystery Men drive people mad for pleasure. A Mystery Man seeks out individuals, often in a group, who he deems susceptible to psychological breakdown, […]

The Fear Itself game system

Fear Itself is a stand-alone game, based on the GUMSHOE system first introduced in Esoterrorists. GUMSHOE is modular, and Fear Itself offers new options for the GUMSHOE system which can also be used in Esoterrorists or other GUMSHOE games. Fear Itself Characters Characters in Fear Itself have numerous hooks which make them perfect for horror […]

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