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Reviews of Mutant City Blues

Here we have two 5-Star reviews of Mutant City Blues from RPGNow. “I loved the way that this linked in with the esoterrorist system. The quade diagram and the ability to create great drama with the system WITHOUT depending on the players getting the clues…..just asking the right questions. When I set it in Detroit […]

The Quade Diagram

In the world of Mutant City Blues, super powers come from a single source, and are well-documented enough to be understood with forensic science and to have been incorporated into legal proceedings. The Quade Diagram, devised by Dr Lucius Quade, maps them all out, and shows their associated defects. It’s this diagram which makes the […]

Mutant City Blues Resources

Downloads A printer-friendly Quade Diagram This chapter from MCB describes the role of the PCs and gives some background to the game. Character sheet for MCB. A very useful Reference Sheet for UK players, also one for US players. thanks to Charles Gordon Mitchell for these. Actual Play Code Indigo Fred Hicks ran an online […]

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