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Two Night’s Black Agents Reviews

In the course of a roundup of his Dragonmeet 2012 experiences, Sidney Roundwood offers a brief response to Night’s Black Agents: Vampires and spies – once you’re past the initial surprise, you’ll see that they work tremendously well in tandem. Well, I think they do, and I think the book’s an absolute knockout. After that […]

A Set of Night’s Black Agents Pre-Gens

Matthew Breen has created some beautiful Agent Dossier character sheets for Night’s Black Agents and six well fleshed-out pre-gens to go with it by Kevin Kulp. The blank dossier is available to download here and the pre-gens here as PDFs. NBA Pregens CC (Revised)  

Ken and Robin Talk About Stuff: Gen Con ’12

This week’s episode of Ken and Robin Talk About Stuff mines topics galore from the wonder that was Gen Con ‘12. Of special interest to Pelgrane fans are the greatest hits of our GUMSHOE seminar, in which we are joined by special guest Simon Rogers.

Night’s Black Agents Review

Fantastic review of Kenneth Hite’s newest GUMSHOE masterpiece, Night’s Black Agents, over at Age of Ravens. Lowell Francis has written a detailed and balanced review which goes over everything from layout design to a chapter by chapter overview. Well worth a read for any considering NBA for their collection. I liked last year’s preliminary version […]

Night’s Black Agents Shipping Update

After a very successful GenCon, copies of Night’s Black Agents are being delivered from the printer to our shipping points. We had a lot of people collect their pre-orders at GenCon so when I have that list, which should be this week, Night’s Black Agents will be sent to all agents. The estimated ship date […]

Night’s Black Agents: Vampires

[Ed: Read Andrew’s review of Night’s Black Agent’s and GUMSHOE here] Night’s Black Agents pits super spies against vampires in a covert war. My Review of the [REDACTED] edition covers the game in general, while this article contains a worked example of a vampire that I have cooked up using the rules. This is my […]

Review of Night’s Black Agents [REDACTED] Edition

Andrew Brehaut at The Lazy Sequence has given a detailed and very positive review of the [REDACTED] Edition of Night’s Black Agents, Kenneth Hite’s new GUMSHOE vampire/spy thriller. You can read the full review here. Hite and Pelgrane have put together another game that tugs at my attention and screams ‘Play Me Now’… I found […]

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