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Play Night’s Black Agents at DEXCON 15 And Win $1,000

Night's Black Agents Team Championship

CONFIDENTIAL//SI-NBA//ORCON We have intercepted communications indicating a high probability of a vampire presence at DEXCON 15 in Morristown, New Jersey from 2:00PM – 8:00PM, Saturday, July 7, 2012. Register to join one of six strike teams under the direction of Kenneth Hite and neutralize the threat by any means necessary. The winning team — even if represented by just […]

Night’s Black Agents Conspyramid Competition Winner

Drum roll please. The winner of the Night’s Black Agent’s Conspyramid Competition is…. Sergio Rodriguez for The Hypnos Conspiracy. This conspiracy is a great example of the non-traditional vampires that are possible in Night’s Black Agents. The Hypnos Conspiracy In 1967, the CIA’s Project MKULTRA made a profound discovery. When dosed with certain chemicals, the […]

Night’s Black Agents Conspyramid Competition Results

The time has finally come, after months of discussion and confidential debate, we have decided on the winners of the Night’s Black Agents Conspyramid Competition. The lucky few have been notified and their entries will be posted online every day this week. First up is our Honourable Mention. This goes to Ian Kirby for The […]

The Warehouse of Dorian Gray

Insurers specializing in high-end art have become increasingly worried by the proportion of their clients’ art collections stored in a small handful of warehouses, mostly in Switzerland. By stashing their art at a so-called free port, the hyper-rich avoid taxes and customs fees. To rip this story from the headlines, we can see an obvious […]

Night’s Black Agents: Share Your Soundtrack

  Share a link to your online playlist for Night’s Black Agents (or just your suggestions) on Twitter with the hashtag #nightsblackagents — or leave a comment below — and we’ll pass it along. We can always use more cool spy music in our lives. And if you listen to cool spy music and haven’t ordered the [REDACTED] […]

Night’s Black Agents epub version

We’ve wanted to do ePub versions for a while now, and the lucky Night’s Black Agents pre-orderers now have the ePub included with their bundle. We are awaiting feedback from pre-orderers, as there will no doubt be teething problems, but it should get easier in future. Next up for the treatment will be the Esoterrorists […]

Night’s Black Agents Actual Play reports

Here are some actual playtest reports for Night’s Black Agents Tinker Tailor Vampire Die For those that do not know, Night’s Black Agents is Pelgrane Press’ newest game, a combination spy thriller, eldritch horror, vampire suspense tale. I adore this game and would bear it’s RP-babies if it would let me. Mechanically, GUMSHOE is pretty […]

Night’s Black Agents REDACTED Edition Extras!

We’ve added a new download link to all Night’s Black Agents REDACTED edition orders. All pre-orderers can follow the link in their receipt and download the new Agent’s Dossier which contains some useful goodies including a Conspyramid Template, a NBA refresh cheat sheet and a fantastic character sheet booklet with everything you need to build […]

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