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13th Age Actual Play at Fair Game: Blood and Lightning

The Naperville Freaks, Geeks and Weirdos meetup group hosted a One-Shot RPG gathering at Fair Game in Downers Grove, IL. Ben Roby ran a modified version of the Blood & Lightning adventure from 13th Age and sent us the following play report. Ben and his co-GM Sarah are running 13th Age again in March. Register for […]

Magic Item: The Feathered Crown

Rob Heinsoo recently flew down from the skies on a fire-breathing dragon, igniting several thatched-roof cottages before soaring off. The scorch marks he left behind spelled out this update on 13 True Ways: There are three Alchemist-tier 13 True Ways Kickstarter backers who gave us magic items to illustrate. The first item is the Feathered […]

The Call of Chicago: Herding, Culling, Listing

[Edit: If you are super-sad your favourite monster has been missed out, post in the comments – SJR] Much to my surprise and delight, my last few weeks have been consumed neither by vampires nor by Elder Things, but rather by a whole horde of monsters. And like I need to tell you, dealing with […]

Bamf! Hack! Teleportation and Opportunity Attacks in 13th Age

Teleportation is an effect by which a creature moves instantaneously from one location to another. As a rule, teleportation in 13th Age doesn’t draw opportunity attacks; but some spells that create teleport effects do draw opportunity attacks against the caster. A teleport effect in itself doesn’t trigger opportunity attacks from enemies who are engaged with the teleporting creature before […]

Monster Art +13 Contest Winner: Enraged Treant!

Rob Heinsoo recently emerged from the woods near our Seattle offices to deliver this update on 13 True Ways before returning to the wild in the company of a pack of wolves that seemed to obey his telepathic commands.  Here’s the second rough sketch by Aaron McConnell showing off one of the winners from the Monster Art +13 contest. The treant […]

Pipeweed, But No Pipes?

Over in the 13th Age community on Google+ Pavel Berlin noticed that the game’s (highly quirky) equipment list includes pipeweed, but not pipes. There had to be a perfectly logical explanation, and here are some offered in the comments: Brian Rodriguez: Maybe it lists rolling papyrus? Radaghast Kary: Magritte/Matrix crossover: There is no pipe. Daniel Splitter: […]

Pre-Order a 13th Age Commission for Emerald City Comic Con!

Emerald City Comic Con is coming up the end of this month, and the 13th Age crew will be there — Rob Heinsoo and our volunteer GMs will run demos, and I’ll be in the Artist Alley. I’ve had to turn commission requests down within the past year due to my work schedule, but I’m making […]

13th Age: First Impressions on Mechanics at Dorkadia

Jon Spengler at Dorkadia recently ran 13th Age for his gaming group, and shares his first impressions of the mechanics. It sounds as if they had a great time — Jon describes the gameplay as “simple and authentic feeling”: [In] just a single page character sheet and a handful of potent abilities/spells, each player character functions […]

Rob Heinsoo: Monster Art +13 Contest Winners

Rob Heinsoo crashed through the window in our Seattle offices, locked in deadly combat with a ninja, to deliver this update on 13 True Ways before vanishing along with his foe in a flash of fire and a puff of concealing smoke. I’m pleased to announce the thirteen winners of the Monster Art +13 contest, Kickstarter […]

13th Age: Obskures.de Interview With Rob Heinsoo

Obskures.de recently interviewed three-fourths of the creative team behind 13th Age. (Aaron McConnell was on deadline and chained to his drawing table that week.) In this installment, co-designer Rob Heinsoo is on the hot seat.  obskures.de: How did you get involved in gaming, and how did you make the leap to becoming a professional? Rob Heinsoo: […]

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