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Devil of the Fangs

Devil of the Fangs: “When the Blessed Emperor pacified the Midland Sea, most of the terrible giants of the deeps swam out into the Iron Sea. But some of the great krakens moved onto land. They converted their deep magic into river magic and became the river devils, armored squid-like monstrosities capable of heaving themselves from […]

New See Page XX Out Now!

This month’s ENnie Award-nominated See Page XX is a mini offering of 13th Age related goodies. Wade Rockett talks about his experiences playing 13th Age with lead designer Rob Heinsoo. Ash Law gives two examples of how normal items, such as a dwarven hammer, work in 13th Age. Bedlamdan tells us what actually happens when […]

13th Age Video from Gen Con: Rob Heinsoo, Jonathan Tweet and Rob Watkins on the icons

The designers and developer did a seminar at Gen Con introducing 13th Age to an audience that had, up until then, only known of it through rumor and hearsay. We got this short video clip, and wanted to share: You can hear more about 13th Age this weekend at PAX, where Rob Heinsoo will appear […]

13th Age at PAX Prime

The 13th Age crew will be out in force at PAX Prime! If you’re attending, we invite you to… Stop by our table: We’ll be on 3rd floor of the  Washington State Convention Center, right in front of rooms 305 and 306. We’ll be easy to find: look for the big Archmage and Diabolist banners.The table will be […]

Monsters of the 13th Age: Bamaltaph

By Ryven Cedrylle   Bamaltaph The bamaltaph is a roughly horse-sized creature, though it more closely resembles a mole or similar burrowing mammal. They are covered in a short, bristly hair that protects their skin from being scratched by rocks as they dig, but is also short enough to easily shake out sand and silt. […]

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