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13th Age: Obskures.de Interview With Lee Moyer

Obskures.de recently interviewed three-fourths of the creative team behind 13th Age. (Aaron McConnell was on deadline and chained to his drawing table that week.) In this installment, artist Lee Moyer weighs in. obskures.de: Let’s start with your personal history. How did you get involved with gaming? Lee Moyer: I began gaming in 1979 with the original […]

Rob Heinsoo: 13th Age Update

Rob Heinsoo emerged from his subterranean lair to give us this update on the status of the 13th Age RPG, the 13 True Ways expansion, his new Shards of the Broken Sky adventure and more. As you might have seen in Simon Rogers’ Through the Scrying Glass column, I finished the manuscript for 13th Age in November and turned the […]

Feast of Gold: Reimagining Holidays for 13th Age

13th Age sage and convention GM Adam Dray presents his take on the Feast of Gold, chief winter celebration of the Dragon Empire… Wade Rockett (certainly not his real name, but the name of his Ashen Stars character, right?) kindly invited me to write a guest post in which I looked at a mythical winter holiday, […]

The Feast of Gold: Wrestling Grandfather Time

Feast of Gold Public Service Announcement: What do you get for the Wyrm who has everything? Perhaps one of the few remaining pre-orders of 13th Age, the new fantasy roleplaying game from Jonathan Tweet and Rob Heinsoo! With your help, we’ll break 1,000 pre-orders by Christmas, making this a record-setting game for Pelgrane Press. The […]

The Feast of Gold: Dragon Wood and Santa Cora

Feast of Gold Public Service Announcement: The Crusader wants to get his Feast of Gold celebrations underway, but there’s some unfinished business to attend to. There are fewer than 25 pre-order opportunities left for 13th Age. These Escalation Editions are running around First Triumph, getting underfoot and generally being irritating. Give the Crusader the holiday gift of peace of mind! […]

Who Did I Punch? 20 Tavern Brawlers for 13th Age

I started my Blackmarch 13th Age campaign this past weekend. It’s sort of like True Grit with swords and magic, and I decided to get the players into the frontier spirit by kicking it off with a good, old-fashioned tavern brawl. I treated the other brawlers as low-hp mooks, so the PCs could emerge as […]

13 True Ways – Paint The Town Round 2 Winner: Horizon!

From Rob Heinsoo: We have two winners of Paint the Town. The winners are the Three and the Archmage. You expected maybe Drakkenhall and Horizon? Oh yeah. Right. The cover story is that it’s a geography piece, a city map. But what’s really going down is that we’ll be digging into the impact an icon […]

Ash Law: 13th Age at ZOEcon

Rob Heinsoo wasn’t the only GM representing 13th Age at ZOEcon in Seattle. Ash Law (The Reliquary) gives her convention report: The Dwarf King’s Double’s Second Beard Our session started with me standing outside the room at ZOECon giving away books. That’s right, I had a load of old game books and was just giving […]

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