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13th Age at Norwescon 36 – Jon Spengler Reports

Jon Spengler of Dorkadia volunteered to run 13th Age at Norwescon in Seattle, and posted about the experience on his blog. He’s kindly given us permission to share his article here. If you’re interested in running 13th Age at a con or at your local game store, we’d love to know! Contact me at wade.rockett@fireopalmedia.com I was […]

You Guys Really Hated This Town

Rob Heinsoo emerged from his incense-befogged meditation chamber in a state of divine communion with the gods of Light, to bring us yet another update on 13 True Ways… The fire/layout situation claimed most of my attention, and I just realized that we never officially let you know the outcome of the I Hate This Town […]

Icon Dice Rings Update

We’ve just received the prototype images of the 13th Age icon ring. You’ll be able to use it to randomly determine which of the game’s 13 icons is involved in a  particular scene — or perhaps pulling the strings in secret. Dice Rings certainly outdid themselves with the final product and we couldn’t wait to share it […]

Pelgrane Press Fire Sale for Chris Huth

Chris Huth has produced excellent art and layout for Pelgrane Press including Ashen Stars, Night’s Black Agents and 13th Age. Last week his apartment suffered extensive damage from a fire. (You can read more news reports here and here.) Luckily, no one was hurt, but he and his partner have lost their home and most […]

13th Age Photos and One Unique Things from Emerald City ComicCon 2013

We ran 13th Age at Emerald City ComicCon last weekend. As with all our demos, players had the opportunity to choose their character’s One Unique Thing — the characteristic in 13th Age that doesn’t provide a mechanical benefit, but which sets that individual apart from everyone else in the adventure (or even the entire world.) […]

Play 13th Age at Emerald City ComicCon

Our Seattle-area 13th Age GMs will run demos at Emerald City ComicCon this weekend. We haven’t heard exactly where yet, but here’s the gaming area map — you’ll find us somewhere in there. Or just wander around yelling, “I DECLARE FOR THE LICH KING!” and we’ll yell back. Come by and join a game of 13th […]

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