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New Eternal Lies Resources

There are lots of great resources being created for Eternal Lies at the moment, so here are just some of what people are doing for the game. Be warned – these links will contain game spoilers, so if you haven’t read the campaign or you’re hoping to play it, don’t read these! Andrew Nicholson’s Eternal […]

Tell Me Lies, Tell me Sweet Little Lies – Part 1

Tell Me Lies, Tell me Sweet Little Lies Converting Pelgrane’s ‘Eternal Lies’ Campaign to Call of Cthulhu By Andrew Nicholson Part One: Fools Rush In It started as a way to persuade a group of gamers to try Trail of Cthulhu instead of their more usual fare. “Hey”, I said, “…it turns out Pelgrane are […]

Eternal Lies FAQ

This is a FAQ for people who already have Eternal Lies and want to run it. If this is not you, please do not read it as it contains buckets of spoilers. [spoiler title=”Eternal Lies Frequently Asked Questions”] Next, let’s reiterate: every adaptation of Eternal Lies is different and distinct. One adaptation may flow from […]

Creating an Eternal Lies One-Shot

by Ruth Tillman As someone who’d begun running Trail of Cthulhu this past year, Eternal Lies was already a temptation before I learned that my good friend Leah Huete would be doing some of the artwork. After that it became a must-buy and I began planning how I would run it. Unlike some Trail supplements, […]

Eternal Lies Trailer

  Eternal Lies is an epic campaign for Trail of Cthulhu, the tabletop RPG written by Will Hindmarch, Jeff Tidball and Jeremy Keller. Video by Mike Torr and James Semple, featuring the voice of Wil Wheaton, with music from the soundtrack album The Complete Eternal Lies Suite. Eternal Lies and the Complete Eternal Lies Suite is […]

Eternal Lies Update

By Will Hindmarch Thanks to the hard play and sharp eyes of many generous playtesters, Eternal Lies has a great errata list and set of revision notes to wade through now. To make the revisions happen quickly and smoothly, we’ve brought in writer and designer Jeremy Keller (Chronica Feudalis, Technoir) to help us speed up […]

Playtest Feedback From Eternal Lies

The Eternal Lies playtest is going well. It appears from the following comment that more Pelgrane freelancers have good reason to be slightly smug.: I’ve just finished reading the entire campaign. To say that I’m speechless would be quite an understatement. From what I’ve learnt beforehand about Eternal Lies, I suspected it would be some […]

The Complete Eternal Lies Suite

James Semple and his team have mastered over 70 minutes of original, fully orchestrated music of amazing quality for Trail of Cthulhu, and in particular, our mammoth campaign Eternal Lies The Complete Eternal Lies Suite (now more squamous!) At last, the entire recordings of the Eternal Lies Suite are released. The complete suite includes all […]

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