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The Pelgrane Deep Cuts summer sale

You’ve bought the hit singles and most popular collections. This summer sale gives you 25% off PDFs of the Pelgrane deep cuts – some rare gems of games that we feel are sadly overlooked compared to our other games. Here’s what’s in the offer:   The Gaean Reach: The Roleplaying Game of Interstellar Vengeance, brings […]

Review of Lorefinder on Futile Position

Futile Position is revewing ENnie award nominated products, and they check out Lorefinder our Pathfinder/GUMSHOE mash-up here. Lorefinder adds Pelgrane Press’ Gumshoe investigation rules onto Paizo’s Pathfinder system. Over 40 pages long, Lorefinder thoroughly covers Races, Classes, Spells, and Skills in the Lorefinder system, which provides a framework for your players to perform investigations without […]

Hidden Treasures

Sometimes products are unappreciated, and it’s very hard to see why. I present to you four such treasures, and my speculation for their neglect. Until 16th March 2012 we are offering the chance to pick up one or more of these neglected gems at a 25% discount at the store in both print and PDF […]

Lorefinder Review

Our first review of Lorefinder is available on RPG Geek : Do I recommend the book? Yes, absolutely! The brief book provides an excellent paradigm for regulating information in a fantasy RPG. Even if you follow that paradigm within the core Pathfinder rules (with skill checks), GUMSHOE is an excellent model and will enrich your […]

Lorefinder Character Sheet

Following the release of the pre-order print version of Lorefinder, here is the character sheet to download. Lorefinder is, we hope, the first of many future GUMSHOE mash-ups. It keeps the d20 Pathfinder system but seamlessly weaves in the investigative mechanic of GUMSHOE. Download a PDF of the 2-page character sheet. You can pre-order the […]

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