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Alternate Armitages

by Robin D. Laws The Armitage Files, my recent, Silver-Ennie winning, campaign sourcebook for Trail of Cthulhu, has been hailed for an innovative approach—one I will now encourage you to steal. If you’ve yet to check it out, Armitage presents a new take on the epic Cthulhu campaign. It provides building blocks for a player-driven, […]

Page XX Vol. 1 – The First 24 Columns

The first twenty-four Robin D Laws columns are no longer available free online, and can be purchased here as a PDF, or from our webstore. Whatever your game, Robin D Laws’ innovative collection features wisdom for GMs, players and publishers alike. At twice the size of the excellent Robin’s Laws of Good Gamemastering and at […]

Ashen Stars

Play the gritty reboot of your favorite science fiction TV series. Winner of the 2012 Silver ENnie award for Best Setting, designed by RPG legend Robin D. Laws and powered by the GUMSHOE investigative roleplaying system. Out here in the Bleed, you’re the closest thing there is to a higher authority. You’re Licensed Autonomous Zone Effectuators […]

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