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Ken and Robin Talk About Stuff Has Gone Live!

After much preparation, a great leviathan lurches its head from the dark waters of podcasting. Ken and Robin Talk About Stuff, the new podcast featuring Pelgrane Press stalwarts Kenneth Hite and Robin D. Laws, is now live. Bookmark its popping site, as festooned by the finest cartoon stylings of John Kovalic, whose Dork Tower is […]

More Songs About Ratings and Pools

by Robin D Laws   The GUMSHOE rules break with roleplaying tradition in several notable ways. Most obviously, its information gathering skills, here called investigative abilities, default toward automatic success, with a point-spend mechanism to allow for extraordinary successes and additional benefits. Also, its general abilities—those governing activities where failure is as likely to lead […]

GUMSHOE GM Troubleshooting

By Robin D Laws Though most players find GUMSHOE simple and straightforward, we’ve heard from a few folks who’ve had trouble assimilating it. Usually this happens when they see that it’s a little different from the roleplaying rules they’re used to, and then assume that it’s even more different than it really is. Here are […]

Mo’ Information, Mo’ Troubles

A column on roleplaying by Robin D. Laws   As you probably know, Pelgrane Press is not named after the general species of pelgrane, but a particular pelgrane, which dwells in a bronze steeple atop Spectrum House, the company’s Clapham headquarters. And if you recall that, you are surely also aware that a pelgrane, as […]

Shift Your Scene Linkage With DramaSystem

A column on roleplaying by Robin D. Laws As mentioned last time, implementation of DramaSystem’s core goal—fostering emotional character interactions that play out as they do in drama and fiction—leads, as a series of follow-on effects, to a highly distinctive play experience. Procedural narratives, in which the heroes pursue a practical goal (identifying a killer, […]

Investigative RPGs and the GUMSHOE System – GenCon Seminar

This year at GenCon, Pelgrane Press will be hosting a seminar on Investigative Gaming and the GUMSHOE system (SEM1118992). A panel discussion with Kenneth Hite, Robin D Laws and Simon Rogers on the GUMSHOE gaming system, specifically unravelling the mysteries around investigative gaming, tackling the issues of railroading and demystifying the clue-driven RPG. Start Date […]

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