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Refreshing Monologues

by Jonathan Turner We’ve all been there — facing down a vampire and scraping the bottom of the ability pool for points. Next time you’re stuck for just the right moment of badass for that Night’s Black Agents refresh maneuver, use one of these and bask in the approbation of your fellow gamers along with […]

Playable races for Owl Hoot Trail

New Character Races for Owl Hoot Trail by Paul Stefko The west is a wide and mysterious place, home to all sorts of folks. The half’ins, hill folk, orcs, and shee you’re used to aren’t the only people out there. The following races may be available for characters if the GM is willing. Centaurs Never […]

13th Age character class – The Elementalist

The Elementalist by Paul Fanning Elementalists are born with the supernatural ability to shape or embody some of the world’s building blocks and fundamental forces– the elements. Some believe Elementalists are created by the world as a defensive response. Others see them as a higher (or bastardized) development of the various races, or just another […]

Technical Difficulties

Technical Difficulties by Andrew Brehaut Modern technologies, such as cellphones and the internet, are often a thorn in the side of the horror or thriller GM. Typical responses involve negating the use of this technology, be it through remote locations (no signal), dead batteries, villainous forethought (the cell towers have been damaged), the people contacted […]

September playtesting

If you are interested any of these games, please email me with the game you wish to playtest in the subject line.   Ashen Stars Character Builder DC has been working on an Ashen Stars version of the free Black Book character generator. It will be fully ready for testing next Monday. It will include […]

See P. XX: That Elusive Choice Point

See P. XX A column on roleplaying by Robin D. Laws For a pivotal feature of the roleplaying experience, the ability of players to make choices that alter the course of events can be awfully easy to lose track of. The way in which an adventure is devised and delivered tends to alter both the […]

See P. XX: The F20 Era

See P. XX A column on roleplaying by Robin D. Laws The text of 13th Age refers at several points to the tradition of “d20-rolling fantasy games.” The result of a super-designer team-up between boon pals Jonathan Tweet and Rob Heinsoo, the game arises very much from the the legacy of D&D. For legal reasons […]

See P. XX: Poaching DramaSystem Episode Themes

See P. XX A column on roleplaying by Robin D. Laws   In DramaSystem, the group takes turns selecting themes for each episode. At the end of each session, players explain how they brought this theme into play, and related it to their Dramatic Poles, the internal contradictions that lend dramatic characters coherence and motivation. […]

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