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See P. XX: From Inside Your Head to Inside the Scene

See P. XX A column on roleplaying by Robin D. Laws Roleplaying offers a pleasure we don’t much mention or, for that matter, particularly think about. When you play with a group, you get to see how each of its members thinks. Here I’m speaking not so much of the content of their thought—about resource […]

13th Age Fan Class: Stalwart

by Paul Fanning When Paul sent us this larger-than-life character class he said, “A Fighter can accomplish many great deeds, fighting more fearsome foes and saving villages then regions then the world. But the Fighter is also essentially an action movie hero: more skilled than the average warrior or soldier, a little luckier, with grit […]

13th Age Class: Vanguard

by Christopher Allen Christopher describes his vanguard character class as “a warrior-type designed to have more active in-combat choices and resource management than the Fighter — a complex Fighter, if you will — with a dash of healing capability.” What do you think of the vanguard? Join the discussion on the Pelgrane Forums. Vanguard To be a […]

TimeWatch RPG

The world has changed. Again. China wasn’t supposed to colonize 15th century North America, right? And yet you find yourself being attacked by eunuch swordsmen in what should be San Francisco. Some time traveler told the Golden Fleet about the Pacific oceanic gyre that would lead them to a rich new land. Someone you’ll have […]

13 Oracles

13 Oracles by Gareth Ryder-Hanrahan Inspired by the oracles of Vincent Baker’s In A Wicked Age, these 13 Oracles may inspire improvised encounters or even whole adventures in your 13th Age campaign. There’s one Oracle for each icon, and each Oracle has four tables – places, objects, people and circumstances. There’s no right way to […]

Free Downloads for Night’s Black Agents Update

There’s been quite a lot of fantastic new downloadables posted on the Night’s Black Agents Downloads page, too. In case you missed our earlier post about this, Pedro Ziviani’s spent some time planning for his Zalozhniy Quartet campaign, and has put together some great resources for it, including: Flowchart of scenes and events from The […]

New Eternal Lies Resources

There are lots of great resources being created for Eternal Lies at the moment, so here are just some of what people are doing for the game. Be warned – these links will contain game spoilers, so if you haven’t read the campaign or you’re hoping to play it, don’t read these! Andrew Nicholson’s Eternal […]

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