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Is “good at everything” a background in 13th Age?

by Wade Rockett   One of the most frequently-asked questions about 13th Age involves backgrounds; and overwhelmingly, it seems to come from people who have been playing d20 System games for a while. The question takes different forms, but in essence it’s this: What stops a player from putting the maximum number of points into a […]

See P. XX: Recruiting the Reluctant

See P. XX A column on roleplaying by Robin D. Laws Recruiting the Reluctant Within any gaming group you’ll find a variety of tastes regarding any facet of the roleplaying experience. According to a Thing I Always Say, one of the main tricks of GMing is to find the sweet spot between those tastes and […]

See Page XX: SRD or SDD?

See P. XX A column on roleplaying by Robin D. Laws SRD or SDD? With editorial for Hillfolk and Blood on the Snow completed, it’s time to take a break from DramaSystem to work on another of the obligations arising from our November Kickstarter. That would be the System Reference Document for Open GUMSHOE. On […]

New See Page XX Out Now!

This month’s ENnie Award-nominated See Page XX is a mini offering of 13th Age related goodies. Wade Rockett talks about his experiences playing 13th Age with lead designer Rob Heinsoo. Ash Law gives two examples of how normal items, such as a dwarven hammer, work in 13th Age. Bedlamdan tells us what actually happens when […]

Latest See Page XX out now!

The bumper January/February edition of See Page XX is now out. Read about Ashen Stars combat options, improving your scenario writing, constructing and destroying conspiracies in Night’s Black Agents and loads more. Also take our Page XX Poll where we ask your opinion on options for a new GM Screen. We have playtest opportunities, an […]

See Page XX: GUMSHOE, Compartments and You

A primary goal, if not the primary goal, of fourth edition D&D is to bring balance to fight sequences. The latest build of the RPG mothership seeks balance across several axes: between players, so that everyone gets to be effective during a fight throughout combat, so that you can do something useful even after firing […]

See Page XX: From Call to Trail (Part 2)

In part one, we talked in general terms about preparing players used to Call Of Cthulhu for their first session of Trail Of Cthulhu. In particular, you want to show that the GUMSHOE system’s core investigative mechanic isn’t as radically alien or mechanical as some readers of the rules assume. Here’s the demo that illustrates […]

See Page XX: To the Lab! To the Library! Genre, Structure and Choice

A narrative genre is a set of prefab expectations. Whatever the medium, storytellers use genre to attract an audience. When you draw on a popular genre, you hope to capture a built-in audience that returns repeatedly to stories told in that mode. By signaling that the story we’re about to tell belongs to a given […]

See Page XX: From Call to Trail (Part 1)

At its core, the GUMSHOE system makes an adjustment to the way we have traditionally run investigative scenarios. Although dramatic in effect, it is actually a small change in practice. Ironically, it’s this very simplicity that can sometimes make the transition from the traditional model to the GUMSHOE approach a tricky one. Some GMs and […]

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