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Trail of Cthulhu Resources page updates

Tony Williams has very kindly designed some great Pulp and Purist character sheets for the Trail of Cthulhu Resources page.  He’s also produced a neat Condensed version of the Trail of Cthulhu rules. Here are the links to the new documents: Pulp character sheet (A4) – Download Pulp character sheet (US letter) – Download Purist […]

Tell Me Lies, Tell me Sweet Little Lies – Part 1

Tell Me Lies, Tell me Sweet Little Lies Converting Pelgrane’s ‘Eternal Lies’ Campaign to Call of Cthulhu By Andrew Nicholson Part One: Fools Rush In It started as a way to persuade a group of gamers to try Trail of Cthulhu instead of their more usual fare. “Hey”, I said, “…it turns out Pelgrane are […]

13 Icons for a Fantasy Victorian Maritime Campaign

By Ruven Wolff EDITOR’S NOTE: When we heard about Ruven’s Victorian maritime 13th Age campaign, and how he was reskinning the game’s icons as undead pirates, submarines and Luddite orcs, we knew it had to go on the blog. He’s generously written his icons up for us, and added notes on shipping and weapons in […]

Kabul: Not As Quick, Very Dirty

  [Editorial Note: We’re trying out formats for city writeup PDFs, between this and next month’s Ken Writes About Stuff on Mumbai. Let us know in the comments how you’d like to see our city PDFs look going forward. This one, for example, resembles a more detailed version of the “Quick and Dirty” writeup from […]

Heritage Feats by Paul Fanning

HERITAGE FEATS by Paul Fanning Races, as well as Backgrounds and One Unique Things, are very rules-light in 13th Age. Heritage feats represent aspects of your character’s heredity and history that aren’t easily covered by these mechanics, or by existing classes. Heritage feats aren’t necessarily for all campaigns, or all characters. Players should consult with […]

The Dragon Empire – Through A Mirror, Darkly

The Dragon Empire – Through A Mirror, Darkly by Aaron Roudabush The Dragon Empire, bitterly cold and dangerous from border to border — whether in the depths of the wilds or the heart of a city — is as cruel, unfriendly land. The people here have long been oppressed and controlled by a line of […]

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