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Five Known Associates of Quandos Vorn

In The Gaean Reach Roleplaying Game, your posse of vengeance-seekers hunt for interstellar villain, Quandos Vorn. Pick apart Vorn’s network of comrades for leads to the scum’s whereabouts. Choose one or more of these figures to investigate, interrogate, and eliminate, and let your GM know that your selection of quarry has widened. The following is […]

11 Things Functionaries Of The Gaean Reach Tell You While Impeding Your Hunt For Quandos Vorn

Do not expect your quest for vengeance against the interstellar arch-criminal Quandos Vorn to be met with universal equanimity. Especially uninterested in the havoc you may wreak while doing so are the Gaean Reach various officials and gatekeepers. Here appear reasons they might give you for dragging their feet or refusing cooperation entirely. Be prepared […]

Free Gaean Reach Downloads and Resources

Gaean Reach Downloads   Download blank character sheet Download the Gaean Reach Series Premise Download the three sets of Build Cards (Knowledge, Persona, Life) Download a set of Vancian taglines Download the taglines for The Cerulean Duke Download a Vengeance-Seeker Ability Matrix Download a Scenario Worksheet Download an Antagonist Record Sheet Articles   Recent Aliases […]

Recent Aliases of Quandos Vorn

As vengeful space effectuators of the Gaean Reach, you know what the interplanetary war criminal Quandos Vorn did to you—and what you must do in return to him, when you catch him. That part remains more easily said than done. Rejoice, then, in these latest intercepted transmissions. They detail some of the identities Quandos Vorn […]

The Gaean Reach Gazetteer

Planets of Peril and Vengeance, Arranged From A-Z An impossibly distant future. A vast sprawl of planets, each without parallel, with its own bizarre customs, bedeviling procedures, and wily inhabitants. As one of the implacable revenge-seekers populating The Gaean Reach Roleplaying Game, you know that correct intelligence on these worlds makes all the difference between […]

Remembering Jack Vance

Jack Vance, master-story teller, is dead. He died aged 96, with a huge body of work and a wide but subtle influence as part of his legacy. In his eponymous story, Mazirian the Magician encompasses spells, forcing them with great effort into his cerebellum then releasing them at moments of narrative convenience. They are gone […]

Video Interview with the Secret DM

In this Gamerati interview, I talk Hillfolk, Stone Skin Press, Dreamhounds of Paris, The Gaean Reach, and our plan to apprehend Flattop, with David Melmo, the Secret DM.  Check out his lovely intro, subscribe to Ed Healy’s Gamerati YouTube channel, or dive in directly below.

Five Reasons to Fear Quandos Vorn

During character generation, after determining why they want vengeance against the common enemy called Quandos Vorn, Gaean Reach players specify why catching up with him will prove a task of epic difficulty. Each supplies a reason of particular relevance to his own motivations and backstory. In the in-house playtest, it was determined that Quandos Vorn: […]

The Gaean Reach

Quandos Vorn Must Die! In an impossibly distant future, our species has dispersed to the stars. Traveling in slender spacecraft, armed with projacs and needle guns, we have settled countless worlds. Cultures are everywhere different, yet propelled in the end by fundamental qualities humankind cannot shed: greed, egoism, pettiness, and a crippling passion for procedure. […]

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