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Find Your Dreamhound at Artsy

If you’ve ever tried to research a painter on the net, you might have noticed a paradox: many sites dedicated to historical visual artists are ugly, outdated, and haphazard. A site called Artsy addresses this gap by presenting itself as a clearinghouse of articles and images for the visual arts. Dreamhounds of Paris Keepers might […]

View from the Pelgrane’s Nest

Cat Tobin is off back to Ireland in a few days, so in the meantime we’ve been planning how Pelgrane Press will level-up under its new management, with improved marketing, better organised play and (my favourite) spending more time playing games and attending conventions. Mark Fulford of sister company ProFantasy Software has been working on […]

Jason Thompson reviews The Dreamhounds of Paris

Jason Thompson, over on his blog,, reviews The Dreamhounds of Paris. Jason says, “This is great stuff. The Surrealists and the Mythos belong together.” Adding, “The idea of the Surrealists being Randolph-Carter-level Dreamers (or even better than that Carter dude) is genius; I can’t imagine historical figures who fit the role more.” “In short, […]

November 2014: View from the Pelgrane’s Nest

As December approaches our thoughts turn to the Dragonmeet convention here in London and the gathering of the Pelgranistas. We will be discussing next year’s releases, International PelgraneCon 2015 and celebrating the outcome of the Dracula Dossier Kickstarter.  Money will change hands—whose hands give and take depend on the outcome. There will be tears, laughter, […]

12 Key Events of My Dreamhounds of Paris Series

Dreamhounds of Paris brings sandbox play to Trail of Cthulhu, as the surrealists of the 20s and 30s discover their ability to consciously reshape the realm beyond waking. I play with a group that works best either in the completely dramatic realm of Hillfolk and DramaSystem, or in a procedural game with a strongly laid-out […]

New See Page XX out now

The latest edition of See Page XX is out now! Featuring pre-orders for Dreamhounds of Paris and the companion book The Book of Ants; PDFs of Dulce et Decorum Est, Soldiers of Pen and Ink, and The Seventh Circle. KWAS subscribers will get the November edition, Hideous Creatures: Byakhee this month, and meanwhile, non-subscribers can now […]

See Page XX – October 2014

Happy Hallowe’en! I didn’t have to go too far for a scary Hallowe’en See Page XX logo, as I happen to have a number of stake- and blood-related art pieces on my computer at the moment, because of the Dracula Dossier Kickstarter, live now! The build-up for the Kickstarter hasn’t stopped production, though, and we’ve got […]

September 2014: View from the Pelgrane’s Nest

The Pelgrane Press beavers have been at work, so GenCon pre-order logjam has been entirely unblocked, and we have a flume of new releases. For 13th Age we have 13 True Ways, The Book of Loot, Shadows of Eldolan. For Trail of Cthulhu there’s Mythos Expeditions and Soldiers of Pen and Ink. For Hillfolk there […]

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