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Pelgrane Press Update – September 2006

The following article originally appeared on in September 2006. Updates Gomoshan’s Tomb QuickStart Rules GUMSHOE and Esoterrorists Rhialto Update Corrections and Clarifications Gomoshan’s Tomb This month brings the release of Gomoshan’s Tomb, a scenario in the well respected tradition of exploring and looting ancient ruins – though with suitably distinctive Dying Earth twist to […]

Pelgrane Press Update – June 2006

The following article originally appeared on in June 2006. June brings us to the completion of work on our webstore. Substantial progress has also been made on all of our outstanding manuscripts, and what’s more, new roleplaying games in the pipeline – yes, that’s plural. And remember at the store, you may obtain a free […]

Original Dying Earth Press Release

The following press release for the Dying Earth RPG originally appeared on around 2004. Stories of the Earth’s demise are premature. Press Release Pelgrane Press LONDON, ENGLAND – Dying Earth RPG released. After two years of development, design and playtesting, Pelgrane Press has released its role playing game based on novelist Jack Vance´s seminal Dying […]

View from the Pelgrane’s Nest – November 2004

The following article for the Dying Earth RPG and Fear Itself originally appeared on in November 2004. Push aside the detritus to see the shiny gew-gaws horded by the Pelgrane Our last release was XPS 6 (ed: now bundled as The Excellent Prismatic Spray) – a good few months’ ago now. But we aren’t slacking, I […]

Cthulhu Confidential Competition Results

We are pleased to announce the winners of the Cthulhu Confidential Competition.  We asked: So, tell us who you’d One-2-One with and why in under 100 words (or 140 characters on Twitter), and our judges will choose winners to receive a signed, numbered, leatherbound, limited edition copy of Cthulhu Confidential. Our winners are: Yohann Delalande, […]

The Confidential Armitage Files

The Armitage Files is Robin D Laws’ groundbreaking adventure of improvised Mythos investigation. Cthulhu Confidential is Robin D Laws’ groundbreaking game of solo Mythos investigation. Putting two groundbreaking products together is hazardous for Gamemasters. You run the risk of collapsing the ground beneath you. However, the risk can be worth it: improvised play supports the […]

November 2016: View from the Pelgrane’s Nest

The year nears its end, and it’s been a year, filled with non-Pelgrane-related turmoil, festooned with awards and topped off with Kickstarter fulfilment ! Now, with the Dragonmeet behind us, we move on to a belated See Page XX.  After hundreds of playtests, the polishing and honing of the manuscript and a whole new look […]

Games Pelgranes Play: Trait Bombing, Trait Swapping and Strategic Incompetence

Getting Ahead through Strategic Incompetence My Wednesday night group been playing Dungeon World in the Forgotten Realms setting. We are enjoying it, and in particular exploring our characters’ differing niches (oo-er).  In Dungeon World, whenever there is a challenge in the fiction, you describe what you are doing, an appropriate Move is chosen, then roll […]

View from the Pelgrane’s Nest – December 2015

Introduction This month’s bumper issue of Page XX sees two new releases, a retrospective on the year, and a look at the new store and bookshelf, plus a sneak peek at the forthcoming new website. On pre-order is the of the keenly anticpated story games anthology Seven Wonders featuring all new games from mainly new […]

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