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Testimony of an Esoterror Recruit

Excerpt from interview conducted at Debriefing Center Xenon, 9/12/12 Subject: Nathan Cox, age 27   Interviewer: So what do you think you did to attract their attention? Subject: Attract her attention, you mean? Interviewer: However you want to answer the question, Nathan. Subject: Don’t call me by my first name like you know me. I […]

Time Travel in the Rest of GUMSHOE

See P. XX A column on roleplaying by Robin D. Laws With Kevin Kulp’s TimeWatch RPG blasting through Kickstarter as only a chronoton can, you may be asking yourself if you can put time travel in other GUMSHOE games. We at Pelgrane are not in the business of telling you not what not to do […]

Albion’s Ransom: Worm of Sixty Winters

Worm of Sixty Winters is a full-length campaign for The Esoterrorists. It works as a stand alone adventure, or as the conclusion of Albion’s Ransom: Little Girl Lost. An Esoterrorist weather control ritual has brought sudden blizzards and extreme temperatures to an unsuspecting England. This they hope will be the first stage of the Fimbulvetr […]

See Page XX: SRD or SDD?

See P. XX A column on roleplaying by Robin D. Laws SRD or SDD? With editorial for Hillfolk and Blood on the Snow completed, it’s time to take a break from DramaSystem to work on another of the obligations arising from our November Kickstarter. That would be the System Reference Document for Open GUMSHOE. On […]

How to Demo GUMSHOE in 20 Minutes

The GUMSHOE system by Robin D. Laws revolutionized the investigative roleplaying game, and is the basis for RPGs that will appeal to fans of many genres: space opera, spy thriller, Lovecraftian horror and two-fisted pulp adventure — with more to come. Its central premise, though, can be challenging for newcomers to wrap their heads around. What […]

7 Scary Games for Halloween

Halloween is drawing near, and you might be looking for appropriately spooky games to run for your players. Here’s a quick roundup of seven Pelgrane Press games and adventures that might fit the bill: Night’s Black Agents by Kenneth Hite – The designer of this mashup of the spy thriller and horror genres describes it as “The Bourne […]

Esoterror Summoning Guide

The Esoterror threat is growing. The membrane is thinning. Eradicating the threat did not work. Surpressing the threat is failing. The next step is Containment. We will have to create quarantine zones of areas of high supernatural presence and designate safe zones for habitation. Using force against the Esoterrorists has not worked. We must understand […]

When the Membrane Shatters

By Matthew Sanderson In the Aftermath of an Esoterrorist Generated Catastrophe Introduction The Ordo Veritatis would like to believe they continue to have the upper hand in their struggle against the Esoterrorist movement. However, in the upper echelon of the organization, there exists the seed of doubt. What would happen if the tables were turned […]

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