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So Few: For 3:16, Carnage Amongst The Stars

[Editors’ Note: 3:16 is a fantastic, highly playable and easy-to-learn game of combat amongst the stars. It works on many levels, from the simple visceral thrill of combat, via a satirical take on gung-ho militarism, to a sombre examination of dehumanization. Because of this, it works for almost every player. Now you can look up […]

See Page XX: GUMSHOE, Compartments and You

A primary goal, if not the primary goal, of fourth edition D&D is to bring balance to fight sequences. The latest build of the RPG mothership seeks balance across several axes: between players, so that everyone gets to be effective during a fight throughout combat, so that you can do something useful even after firing […]

Swords And Sorcery style 4th Edition Dungeons And Dragons

Editor’s note: Sasha is responsible for Axe Initiative Games, a new company which will shortly be publishing 4th Edition adventures through Goodman Games Ltd. In the campaigns theme section of the Dungeon Masters Guide there is a paragraph on swords and sorcery. It’s brief and to the point but enough of a hook to start feeding […]

Encompass Cartography

A new map-making company, and a special offer for Page XX readers. As co-owner of ProFantasy, I’ve seen the growth of the computer-assisted and electronic map-making grow from one product (our original Campaign Cartographer) to the plethora of free and commercial map-making programs, and now PDF cartography. Not everyone wants to make their own maps, […]

See Page XX: From Call to Trail (Part 2)

In part one, we talked in general terms about preparing players used to Call Of Cthulhu for their first session of Trail Of Cthulhu. In particular, you want to show that the GUMSHOE system’s core investigative mechanic isn’t as radically alien or mechanical as some readers of the rules assume. Here’s the demo that illustrates […]

Mystic Moo’s Astro Dating Guide: Special Gamer’s Edition

It’s Valentine’s Day. In folklore that’s when the birds choose their mates and, around here, Hamish goes off his shortbread and starts making cow-eyes at that heifer across the way. Yawn. And for you humans, too, there are Spring stirrings. There comes a point in every gamer’s life when he or she briefly pauses in […]

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