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Introducing Stone Skin Press

Or, Buy These Books and I Won’t Use the Word “Synergy” By Robin D Laws (The following column will make greater sense to you if you check out this press release before proceeding further.) Whenever I run across discussion within the mainstream publishing industry about the transformative effects of emerging, disruptive technologies such as print-on-demand, […]

See Page XX: GUMSHOE Bid Contests

By Robin D Laws Each time we create a GUMSHOE rules set for a fresh setting and genre, we discover specific needs for new rules structures. Will Hindmarch’s post-apocalyptic Razed will include new rules treating scavenging as a form of information gathering. Kenneth Hite’s Bookhounds of London, an imminent sourcepack for Trail of Cthulhu, includes […]

See Page XX: What Drives a Bookhound

By Mike Drew In a lot of roleplaying games a character’s profession can become just an excuse on which to hang a skill-set, or become replaced by the generic aspect of ‘adventurer’ or ‘investigator’. Whatever 9-5 they were originally doing becomes replaced by saving the world. Bookhounds should be a little different. The character’s jobs […]

See Page XX: Mystic Moo’s Halloween Horror

Hello Non-Bovines, I’ve been out of touch with my two-legged followers for too long I know, but we’ve been busy.  Hamish’s online shortbread business has taken off and we’ve been knee-deep in caster sugar since April, trying to pre-empt the Christmas rush. Then the other week a letter dropped into my hayrack.  Here’s what it […]

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